From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: l.d.e.g.n.#2

laura's data entry gossip newslettter
volume 2: 5/3/95

biggest news:
how bout those Dodgers? Beat the Giants
in the 15th inning. 15 Innings!
I was once nearly killed by a flying
bottle at Dodger Stadium in 1971.

Ex OJ Juror/Flight Attendent rushed
to the hospital after having a seizure.
Do i smell conspiracy theory here?
Is it coincidence that this happened
simultaneously with the release of
those bombing suspects??

In my office we have 2 jars of jelly
beans, one labeled prozac and one labeled
valium. Anyone who comes in can have
one if they want. And sometimes donuts
in the break room, but they are only
labeled donuts.

Dog news: Fleas keep timmy up all
night. I guess it was fleas. Or else
bad dreams caused him to sit in the
living room and bark 3 minutes per
hour all night.

Short issue today, short day of
data entry, short day of gossip.
Stay tuned for next issue
coming out May 8.

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