From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #11

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#11 5/30/95

Quake news:
Killer quake on a small freezing island off russia and
japan kills thousands.They lived in 5 story project type
buildings that turned to dust in the 7.5 temblor. In
their sleep. No warning. Not an active fault.

Aging rock star news:
A drunk Jimmy Page was almost arrested for smoking in the
bathroom on a SF-Portland Southwest flight this weekend.
He asked to be arrested but will probably just be fined
Addendum to this:Heard at the Pop festival: artists
Rex Ray and Wayne Smith attended the Led Zep concert at
the Coliseum last week and were very impressed by the
youthful appearance of Robert P., and were not surprised
by the haggardness of Jimmy P.

Star news:
Christopher Reeves was hurt in a horse riding accident.
Here are some other stars that i have personally seen
doing horse related things:
Joan Rivers (watched daughter ride)
Melissa Rivers (she rides)
Mohammed Ali (wife rides)
John Travolta (watching someone ride)
Brooke Shields (used to ride badly)
Clea Newman (rides)
Paul Newman (watched daughter ride)
Joanne Woodward (watched daughter ride)
Eve Plumb (i gave her lessons)
Paul Anka (owned horses)
Ricardo Montablan (filmed a commercial
where he had to hold a horse and say some
lines-i held the horse when he got tired.)
Deanna Kroft-daughter of famous saturday morning
tv royalty sid and marty kroft (rode horses)
There are more that i can't remember now. It was
a long time ago when i worked as horse slave to
the rich and famous. I have many good stories
if anyone shows interest in horse stories.

Movie news:
Today's Review-Johnny Mnemonic
This is a Good movie. Directed by Robert Longo.
Stars Keanu and also has Henry Rollins as a
anarchist brain surgeon/high tech mechanic
and Ice-T with long dreads as leader of the
Loteks with the mondo wall of tv's computer
break in center. The beginning is kind of slow
and should be repaired so that this movie can
become a classic cyber movie. There is a tough
girl that wears chain mail. Good sets and costumes
and computer graphics. Henry and Ice-T steal the
show, they should do more movies together. Good
scarey laser string of cutting death. Watch how
certain camera angles make Keanu's neck fat then

Computer quiz:
Win a Prize!!!! If you answer this question correctly:
Macintosh error message <crc ($0000)> means _________.
Hint: Involves binhexed download files that
won't decode. Only happens on really large files
(ie. 7mb)

Pop T.Art gossip:
This was very fun, although i would have had
more fun if i had known more than 4 people there.
Luckily a nice person took pity on me and introduced me
to people. (I have the social skills of a rock at
things like this.) I cannot give a full report as
I left early, any attendees out there feel free to
embellish. High points were being allowed in the VIP
room where there were free drinks and really really
good food. Also Jon's pog collection, the Barbies
and the Star Trek action figures. Good art but i
don't know if it all got bought. (Again I think my
nice friend and only collectortook pity on me and
bought my painting.)
No famous supermodels in fashion show. Best outfit
was an astroturf golf dress with matching golf tee
hat. Tori Spelling contestants had a brawl and the
one with the shortest mini skirt wasn't wearing under-
wear. Chocolate fondue.

Dog news:
Timmy gets to go the beach in style now that i can
bike in his beautiful bike basket. He gets a little
cold from the breeze when he's wet though, so he
will be getting a little cape or jacket soon.
He also has been going to the junior high down the
street to fetch a ball.

Well that's a lot of news. More tomorow!

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