From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #12

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#12 5/31/95

Quote for the day:
"Just because it happened to you doesn't
mean it's interesting"
(Dennis Hopper in "Search and Destroy")

News news:
Looks exponentially worse in Bosnia every day.

Other news:
Cindy Crawford reports one of the reasons her
and Richard Gere broke up was he got irritated
with her um...less than sophisticated...use of
language. She had trouble with big words.I guess
she's busy and probably doesn't get to read

Movie news:
Review of Search and Destroy
Directed by David Salle, has a lot of good
ideas but the good parts weren't consistently
linked together. I can't give it a real fair
review though because i saw it late last night
and fell asleep for part of it. But then, i could
see Pulp Fiction at any time, night or day, and
not fall asleep.
It's one of those movies that part of the time
I just wanted to leave, then all of a sudden
there would be a really good scene.
See John Turturro in a wig. Christopher Walken do
his thing. Dennis Hopper doesn't get by here just
doing his Dennis Hopper thing. Weird, flat filming
and shots that are very David Salle. Ethan Hawke is
so gross you want to shoot him every second he's on
screen. Scenes whenever 2 people are talking to each
otherthey are so disjointed it's like a David Salle

Dog news:
Timmy played with Willow the Surfing Dog yesterday.
Willow rides the front of his owner's surfboard in, then
swims out to get more rides. He'll surf with anyone and
this annoys some people.

MSCL news:
The one tiny pure ray of joy in my life is to
turn on mtv at 7 pm and find out its a MSCL
episode i haven't seen. If you don't have cable
i would really suggest you find someone who tapes
MSCL because it is the finest tv show ever invented.
Each episode will make you weep.

Art show:
UCDavis MFA opening is this Friday nite, June 2nd.
Be there! Many of our readers will, including the
famous artist savetter who has the whole MU gallery
to herself.

Office news:
Today in my office they are listening to squealing
new age saxaphone music. My brain is rotting hearing
it. I have ceased talking while at work,unless it
is imperative to completing my tasks. I'm not sure
why, it's just what i have done.

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