From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #13

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
lucky #13 6/2/95
month of hell in social science business office for fiscal closing

News news:
The general of the Bosnian Serb army's name is Ratko.

Quake news:
Latest fact and figure:90% chance of the death quake
happening within 30 years. (Nat'l Geo. Magazine)

Art news:
I had the pleasure of attending the UCDavis MFA
opening this weekend. All kinds of fine art shows
happening there, i recommend attending to all of
my readers who haven't yet. See fine painting/draw-
ings by ldegnl subscriber savetter. And a way rad
installation by Malik Johnson-these were my favorites.
I also was honored to work as a photography asst
for 1st year student Dani's photo shoot of naked
men in saran wrap posing on the glass bridge of the
new UCDavis humanities bldg. I got to talk to the
bridge crew on a walkie talkie giving all of Dani's

Santa Cruz news:
Nancy Sinatra will be singing at the Boardwalk soon.
And coming in July is the big skate off of the evil
Tonya hating bitch Nancy Kerrigan and super cute
orphan waif Oxana Baul. This takes place on a esp-
ecially built beachside ice rink. Hopefull Oxana will
be wearing a fine maribou creation. Exact dates soon.

Dog news:
Timmy was attacked by a golden retiever at the beach
last week. It was frightening but I'm happy to report
Timmy is fine. He had an additional close call with
the large cat Pud of khewald. Luckily Timmy got away
in time. Timmy also met Tim Rollins this weekend who
was completely in love with his dog namesake.
And I had the pleasure of meeting Lillian who is a
black dachshund and cancer survivor, and wears pearls.
Jake was stolen in Tempe, AZ, but was returned 2 days
later by a nice person and will be home to SF soon.

Horse news:
There has been an overwhelming response to the new
horse news section so i will try and keep it updated.
Christopher Reeves underwent surgery this weekend but
is still paralyzed.
A horse story from my past:
Eve Plumb aka Jan Brady used to have a tiny black
pony named Ace. She was a bad rider, and, this being
the early 80's pre BB craze, very bitter about her
former acting career. She did occasional tv movies
and Love Boats. Her husband was a stunt man and very
nice, although they both seemed to do a lot of drugs.
She was very rude, and hated having to have her lessons
with me, the most junior trainer at the barn who took
care of the beginners and rode all the bad, evil horses.

Contest news:
Winners of the dog contest will recieve their prizes
this week.
There were no winners of the error message contest, but
it was figured out over breakfast at Davis's cafe italia
this weekend. The answer is: Corruption of the data file
over the phone line by just one line ruins the whole file.
Redownload. Got that?
New contest coming this week.

MSCL news:
Many readers don't know about MSCL. Which is the acronym
invented by Cast1reim1 for My So Called Life, the best
tv show in the world which was cancelled by abc and can
be found on mtv now. There are only 19 sublime episodes,
and i highly recommend everyone making sure they see all
19. My highest rated episodes are a tie between Ricky
trying to hide his homelessness and the
"I call her Red" one with Angela and Jordan's kiss in the

Office news:
My job is putting many numbers in the computer. The
university's fiscal year is now closing, which means i
have to work very quickly and extra hours to get all
the numbers in. But LDEGNL will prevail, even if i
work on it through lunch.

Misc. gossip news:
Re my search for platform jellies-I wanted pink platform
jellies and so far can only find pink high heeled or clear
or other colors than pink platform. If any readers spot these
please let me know.

If any of my readers have archived issues #1-12 of LDEGNL
could you fwd them back to me? I don't have the complete
set due to on the job paranoia and one of my new subscribers
has requested the back issues.

I had a lovely time in Davis at the home of 2 subscribers,
khewald and slmullaney. They are the model host and hostesses
and let me drink lots of their coffee.

Happy Wedding to subscriber dadavis and her new husband
Eachen.(rhymes with bacon) They had a lovely honeymoon at the
Heartland Inn in Coralville, Iowa and enjoyed the Enchanted
Evening complimentary service of champagne and Hershey's kisses
in the fancy jacuzzi suite. Continental breakfast was included.
They will soon be flying offto possibly Korea to put their masters
degrees in non fiction essay writing and poetry to good use as
english teachers.

That's the weekend's news, til tomorow...

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