From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #14

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#14 6/6/95

Quickie Version!!!Due to unforeseen technical

Oj news:
Director Ito fired 2 more jurors. Some sketchy
casting going on in that maxi series.

Big headlines:
Boy Led Astray in Cyberspace Found in Bay Area
All Warners Push up Bras on Sale-14.99

Washington news:
Senator Dole loved True Lies with Arnie but
thought that True Romance(a fine film) and
Natural Born Killers (well...) did not have
correct family values. Go figure. Wonder how
much Arnie's been contributing...

Seen etched in cement by my bus stop:
Thers No Opposition in Understandin Tallarack

Horse news:
Christopher Reeves had a surgery to make his head
stay propped up by fusing the vertebrae to his brain
vertebrae or something.
Horse story:
Once i saw a horse who had gotten loose and was running
down the street fall and break its neck. And i sat there
with it until the vet finally showed up to kill it. Its
head was folded up backwards underneath its neck. It was
very sad and very horrible to look at and the horse
couldn't move nor hardly breath. But legally my boss
couldn't shoot it or inject it, so we had to wait and wait.

Tv news:
Life is kind of sad without Melrose, 90210 and MSCL. Here
are some suggestions of things to do during their timeslots:
Watch the reruns and notice the way characters hair and
weight differed at the beginning of the season.
Dial your modem up to usenet and take advantage of the
true usefulness of cyberspace.
Paint your car with nice things.
Watch mtv-try and figure out how they do all the special
effects every single video has.
Public Access and Nick at Nite-simultaneously.

Unix tip of the day:
shift ZZ
This gets you out of a lot of tight spots and unwrites
any heinous changes you might have done by mistake.

Dog news:
Timmy ate some plastic flowers and a cork yesterday
while i was at work. He also carefull cracked the
shell off of a peanut that we have no idea how it
entered our house and ate the peanut.
Let's welcome our friend Jake back to SF after
his scarey Tempe experience.
Miss Pearl (rainbow version) and CyberTimmy
made a brief appearance together on the WWW.

No movie reviews this week

If anyone would like information on making
your very own multi peripheral scsii chain
just email because i can help you with this,
since i spent several days making an operable
(as opposed to one that crashes system) one.

Coming tomorow:
A New Contest!!!!
Last contest winners will recieve your prizes

Tomorow is our Half Day mini version.

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