From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #15

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#15 6/7/95
Special Partial Day Issue!

News news:
Pg&E is teaming up with Microsoft to bring
customers the completely computer driven
energy jetson home. This sounds so great I
can hardly believe it. PG&E and Microsoft
together surely will make our world a happier
and more energy efficient one.

More problems in CyberSpace, children are
disappearing right and left, being lured
away by on-line seductors/tresses. Look
for them on a milk carton soon. Lost in

Big headlines news:
Introducing Swatch Irony-Forging a New
Direction in Time.

Office news:
Today i electronically "check off" thousands
of transactions from a stack of blue paper
approximately 2.5' high.
Most popular music in my office:Enya and REM.
Yesterday for variety we had Tom Petty's greatest
hits. This is generally accompanied by humming.

Surf news:
rsh reports recently at Cowell's in Santa Cruz,
well known longboard and mellow spot, another
surfer tried to drop in on her and attempted
to ding her board. When she verbally reprimanded
him, he said that he was more local than her because
he had been surfing there for 30 years. Then, Barry
their realtor who was also out there got into a
fight with him. It turns out he is Not even a local,
and now all the cowell's regulars are out to get
him because he bashed Local Icon Rosemary also.
Will keep you updated on this situation.

Surf report:
It's been good but the nice weather is bringing
out those skanky wankies from over the hill so
use caution at all times.

Cyberspace news:
PlastiDog, Internet Watchdog and our new reporter
has been investigating the teens led astray stories
on the net. It reports that the faq of most aol chat
rooms that it's visited is who wants to have hot sex?
There is usually a discussion following about why no
one wants to have hot sex. PlastiDog is presently
looking for this virtual hot sex and will keep readers
posted weekly. PlastiDog did have a conversation with
BabeUjam about iowa swing clubs and various sex toys.

Dog news:
Timmy played with what appeared to be a tiny australian
shepherd puppy at the beach last night that belonged
to some drumming hippies. i played with it too, and it
bit my hand really hard and i got 2 bleeding puncture
wounds from its teeth. It was actually a red wolf puppy
that is part australian shepherd.

Two part question, best and most accurate
prize wins a really nice SF Giants totable
soft sided lunch pail/cooler that says
Speedee Tuneup on the top.
This weeks quiz will also be more difficult
due to the flood of prize winners from the
last quiz. And it's a two part quiz. The topic
this week is Beauty and Truth:
Which is the worse fashion faux pas-to arrive
poolside with unshaven legs or unshaven bikini
Where are pink platform jellies? (Hint-not high
heeled pink or other color platform.)

Submit answers to if possible.

Welcome back Cast1reim1 from Tempe, AZ.

LDEGNL, your leading on-line newsletter of
banal and dull news invites guest columnists!

There is a possibility of a LDEGNL party some
weekend soon. It will take place in santa cruz
and all readers that attend will get a special
gift. If this actually happens would any readers
take the big step and DRIVE all the Way to the
Province of Santa CRuz?-tip-you don't need a pass-
port for this journey, which is a commonly passed
around urban myth. There is also NOT lsd in the
water here.

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