From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #16

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#16 6/12/95

Office news:
Since my office is all ladies, as is most of the admin
staff work force at ucsc, a lot of interoffice gossip
email in the form of recipes floats around. Here are
some selections from this mornings email, called 50
facts about men. I have included 3:
1. Men like to bbq. Men will cook if danger is in-
2. Men who have pierced ears are better prepared for
marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.
15. A good place to meet men is at the dry cleaner.
These men usually have jobs and bathe.

My office is on the top of a little hill, and the walk
from the bus stop is a carefully orchestrated path
winding throught the woods. Sometimes i pass deer eating
in picturesque groves. This morning, coming towards me
through a sunlit cezanney tree place, was a very large
man in a disposable painting suit, full face respirator
and big boots carrying not only a pesticide tank and
sprayer but also a industrial leaf blower.

LDEGNL may not be published next week due to office
construction, which will push me, data entry oper-
ator from temporary workstation to temporary work-
station. This would make newsletter assembly very
difficult. You will be updated on this matter.

Art news:
Anthony Aziz and his partner who i don't know his
first name but his last name is Cucher are very
famous now, having been highly acclaimed in the
Venice Biennale as having the most outstanding
political work in the show.
The images in this show were portraits with the
eyes and mouths digitally retouched out.

Dog news:
Timmy is still very traumatized due to his attack by
Tilly the evil golden retriever. He won't play with the
other beach dogs if she is there still.
I learned that Delano's owner, Bill has the same
birthday as me and Mick Jagger, july 26. But we all
were born in different years.
My friend Lisa in Kansas got a dog. Her name is luna
and she is part black german shepherd, part chow.
lellis reports a dangerous dog named Puccini running
amuck in the east bay. You have been warned.

Disney news:
Did you know that the garbage at both Disneyland and
Disneyworld ( i don't know about euro disney) is sucked
through pneumatic tubes that feed to the underground
network of tunnels below the surface of both Disneys.
No recycling of park trash is done however, although
the offices of Disney recycle paper and employees'
aluminum cans are recycled.

Santa Cruz news:
It's finally warm here.
I had a yard sale Saturday morning and made $37.00.

Eastcoast news:
My friend Bridget recently moved to Darien, CT.
This is where they filmed the Stepford Wives. B.
is very impressed by this, especially since she
drops her husband, a lawyer, off at the train station
with all the other wivesevery am. She is not a true
stay at home wife yet since she still works as a nurse,
but when her second baby is born in Nov., they are get-
ting a mini-van and she is taking a leave of absence.
She will keep me updated on what its like to be
a Stepford Wife. (She feels one step closer since
they bought the patio furniture.)

Contest news:
Still no right answers to both parts of the Truth
and Beauty contest. There have been some close, and
if no better answers come in, the closest one will win.
Timmy contest winners, your prizes should arrive soon.

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