From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #17

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#17 6/13/95
Today is pathetic newsletter day!

News news:
Courtney Love was hospitalized on Sunday from an
od on perscription drugs. She took them on a
flight from NY earlier that day, and was picked
up by EMT's from her house in Seattle. I will
keep this updated the second i get more info.

According to a poll done over the WWW, 50% of
internet users are Actualizers, which is apparent-
ly a good thing. They also have average incomes
(those 50%) of $74,000. I took part in this poll.

Tv news:
There is a British show called Ab Fab and
it will most likely make you laugh if you
watch it. You must have cable to see it, so
those of you who couldn't see MSCL will have
to miss this too.

Disney news:
Frequently, people in character costumes that
require large heads at Disneyland and Disney-
world vomit inside the heads from heat pros-
tration. It is absolutely illegal for the
character to remove the head or any part of
the costume while in public view, so this
becomes a huge problem on hot days. Next time
you're there, look for passed out animals on
the parade route that smell bad.

This is the end of the pathetic newsletter.
Hopefully it will be less pathetic tomorow.

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