From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #18

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#18 6/19/95

apologies to those of you who missed last
weeks wednesday issue. There was no wed.
issue because i just wasn't mentally healthy
enough to publish that upbeat sassy news you
expect, but we're back today.

Movie news:
This is a good movie. Better than Johnny
Mnemonic. Stars Harvey Keitel, Stockard
Channing, Forrest Whitaker, William Hurt.
Ashely Judd, sister of Wynnona makes a short
but sweet appearance as a crackhead.
I liked it tons, even though it was about
male bonding, a filmic subject that usually
sends me out early, gagging. Has the kind of
screenplay that makes you go, damn, that was
a fine screenplay, wish i wrote that. Go see this movie.

BH90210 news:
Ray Pruitt sighting, traveling eastbound on
Lincoln Ave. in SF,possibly with Tiffany Amber
aka Valerie.

Office news:
School is out up here at the university, which
means only one thing at my office. The food
cart is no longer in business, no more bagels,
high fat muffins, cookies, and sandwiches. It's
a sad time at Social Science I.

Santa Cruz news:
J., age 37, was ambushed by camp soldiers
and arrested for marijuana cultivation and
posession of various firearms. The bail was
set extremely high. This is definitely not
upbeat sassy news, but very tragic news for
J., his friends and family. But an important
reminder that camp is out in full force already
ready to destroy the livelihoods of lots of

Newsletter news:
Starting June 30 i will no longer work here, thus
there will be big changes for the newsletter. It
may turn into laura computer art teacher at calarts
with archaic internet wiring at best newsletter.
This is because calarts, with its beautiful graphic
design maclab and basement full of sgi's and more,
doesn't have decent internet access. The mac lab isn't
wired,and there are no direct phone lines on campus.
Karl, my teaching partner, and i will be working on
this, so hopefully you will get updates from LA.
If not, we will hijack Miss Camille Rose Garcia's
laptop and send periodic bulletins.

(PlastiDog, Watchdog of the Internet, has been on
assignment on America On-Line, looking for pedo-
philes that lure teens away from their suburban
homes for wild sex and child pornography.)
After spending much time in many, many rooms in
the labyrinths of AOL, PlastiDog still hasn't spotted any.
There are many, many male users in those rooms however,
looking for hot sex and babes. Thats the FAQ of
Romance Connection, Teen Chat, Flirt Nook and other
similarly named rooms. PlastiDog also has trouble keep-
ing a conversation going after announcing that it is
neither male nor female, but cyborg. PlastiDog has
never been invited to a private room, and is too shy
to do any inviting, nor really wants to invite anyone
it has met so far.
PlastiDog wants to remind everyone to watch their
obscenities, indecencies, and lewdness since the
Exon bill passed in the Senate. This bill, which
seems unconstitutional if you ask PlastiDog, is
running full steam ahead towards lawdom, so keep those
faxes rolling in to your government representatives.

Big Contest:
If you answer this question correctly, you win
your choice of:
some art by laura
some fake xmas tree branches, as many as you want,
that used to be art.
Speedee Oil Change/SF Giants lunch tote that
no one won in the last contest.
What job should laura try to get that she really
could get that isn't a lame job that she might
even like? It can be located in the Bay Area or
Silicon Valley. If it paid pretty good and wasn't
full time, you Win the prize.
Super Bonus Points:
If anyone's answer results in laura actually getting
a job, you win a rare autographed picutre of timmy
AND Civ, the cat who normally stays out of the
public limelight.

Dog news:
Timmy has been feeling a little sick since sunday.
He got scared of Jake at the beach when Jake attacked
him for getting to the stick first, but they made up
right away, as long as timmy makes sure to let Jake
get the stick first on a regular basis.

Tv news:
I think, but i'm not sure, this is gossip afterall,
that the Extremely Funny tv show, Ab Fab is on tonight
at 8 pm on the comedy cable channel. This is High tv.

That's all the gossip news for today, remember to floss.

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