From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #19

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#19 6/20/95

OJ news:
Looks like the shoes match to me.

Art news:
Christo will be done wrapping the Reichstag
tomorow, he chose a silvery gray fabric, I'm
sure it will coordinate smashingly with the sky.

Supermodel news:
Food at the Supermodel Cafe in New York is
bad, according to an AP clip in the Chronicle.
There were no supermodels hanging out either,
they just own the place, probably a write off.

News news:
There's a Donna Reed Festival in Iowa right

Connie Chung has a baby now.

I forgot to review the Michael Jackson/Lisa
Marie interview yesterday. All i can really
say is the only thing that would make that
situation more bizarre is if LaToya suddenly
started channeling the King.
They also showed clips of his new video which
looks just like Triumph of the Will and
Michael swears is all about peace and love and
the children. Lisa Marie says its the little
children that love to sleep with Michael, not
vice versa, and that she gets kicked out of
bed because of all the impromptu slumber parties
of the little children that sleep over. And
its all about purity, innocence, and love.

Office news:
Kimberly the receptionist brought donuts.

Accupuncture news:
If you have never had accupuncture, here is
what it feels like-you hardly feel the little
needles get stuck in, but when your friendly
chinese medicine professional wiggles them, they
feel like electric shocks going thru your body.
This is supposed to be good, and some people
apparently even like it, when i complain and
grimace i am told its good for me, and it works
on my carpal tunnel but not on my disclocated knee.
The worst part is you lie there still for 1/2 hour
covered in needles (even in your Ear) and you
must listen to new age electronic music while
shocks are running down from the needles.
Tre cosmic.

Contest news:
Where are the contestants??? Don't my readers
want to win these Fine prizes?

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