From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #3

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#3 5/8/95

News Headlines:
Biggest Headline in this mornings SF Chron:
a really great thing about giving mom a new
handbag is...its sure to fit.

In France there's a new president, his name
is Mr Chirac and he's a conservative.
80% of France turned out to vote.
That doesn't happen here.
This was the next largest headline.

King Kong was made of a plastic model covered
with rabbit fur.

If you are in a storm and softball size
hail starts flying out of the sky don't get in
a car or stay outside. You risk death.
The same goes for using outdoor porta
potties or any type of flimsyly built restroom
when there are dinosaurs like the t-rex on
the loose.

Barbie was modeled after a 50's German
sex doll named Lilli. Her feet were painted
with spike heel shoes with little spikes
attached. In Germany Lilli was marketed mostly
to men as a cute attachment for their

Many ladies in my office suffer from various painful foot ailments.

Dog news:
Timmy still barks at 3 am every
night(morning) and it drives me
crazy. If you have any dog training
suggestions to fix this email me.
He has a new sport now besides his
regular beach attendance, it's called
rollerblading with Jacob. He is forced
to run for blocks and blocks alongside
jacob who just got new blades.
Karl and i spent several hours this
weekend making timmy's name into a
beautiful piece of computer art. We can
do this since we are real computer artists.

I learned several tips on how to potty
train your toddler today at lunch.

Don't forget Melorse tonight-someone
is getting shot.
I'll print highlights in tomorow's

That's the news and gossip for today.

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