From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #20

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#20 6/21/95

Today is the special 20th issue anniversary.
email for back issues.

News news:
Offshore oil drilling looking bad in Washington,
but Barbara B. is doing her best for Californina.

Levis announces its newest khakis ad campaign-
projections on sides of buildings ala Krystoff
Wodiczko of men in khakis. I guess that is due
to art students going corporate.

Band news:
I'm going to see Yo La Tengo, the best guitar
band ever, tonight. They seem to have skyrocketed
to fame in the last few years, as they will be
the Openers and have their own opening act, at
the Great American Music Hall, and it is $7.00.
Pricey for Yo La Tengo, but worth it, especailly
when Georgia the drummer plays the organ and sings.

Office news:
Word from Kimberly the receptionist is see Batman
if only for the serious Bat-codpiece action.
Office music du jour-Sting, Sting and more Sting.

Astrology news:
If you are a Taurus, you might not be having
a good day, in my completely subjective opinion.
If you are a Cancer, please don't worry, it
wasn't your fault.
If you are a Scorpio, things might seem
pretty lame but they will get better in
august. If you feel the need to kill someone
in July, try not to, but lash out at someone
you've hated for a long time instead.
If you are a Leo, remember, leo's don't wear
low self esteem well at all, so get a life.
If you are a Sagitarius, you probably need to
do some organization.

Could my readers please submit a list of their
birthdays so that i might provide a better and
more complete astrology section, the newest
feature of LDEGNL.

Dog news:
Timmy happily had an attack free day at the
beach last night. He is also no longer feeling
sick, if any of my readers were worried about

contest update:
So far the answers that are winning are:
artist/technology afficianado jawinet answers,
"How about Cyberspace correspondent for the U.K.'s _Face_ Magazine?"

interdisciplinary artist disguised as a graphic designer for
mindscape software lellis's answer offered very good suggestions on
getting a graphic design job.

that's about all the news i can think of on this
busy day when the payroll's due here at Social
Science Business Office, til next week bye.

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