From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #21

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#21 6/26/95

Horse news:
This is perfectly true and impressive.
Eastern Express, the horse Christopher Reeves
crashed on, is Bucket, a horse that i used to
train. His old owner, Robert, took lessons at
my work, and since Robert was not such a great
rider, i taught him and sometimes schooled Bucket.
Bucket is a saint among horses, very uncomfortable
to ride, but perfect for bad riders like Robert
and Christopher Reeves because his goal was always
to get over the jump, no matter how bad the rider
got him there. Which is exactly what he did with
Christopher Reeves, except Reeves couldn't stay on.
So i hope no one was thinking it was a bad horse
he was riding, because i always liked Bucket. His
photo is featured on the cover of a recent People
magazine, at a doctors office near you.

Weather news:
Fog. Hot. Fog.

News news:
A Stanford professor asked people in their 20's
at the Pearl Jam show what they thought of the
big UN Fest. Most reported a total lack of interest
in world news. Just in case readers think that i
have abandoned world news, i will resume the
World news section tomorow.

Office news:
This is my last week here at the office.
They are laying carpet in the next office
and it smells bad here.

Courtney news:
Many of my readers write in, "What's up with
Courtney? Is she ok?"
Word on the usenet is she just took too many
sleeping pills, and was out of the hospital
same day, most likely after a pleasant stomach

Surf news:
rsh reports that the faux-local terrorizer of
Cowells is still on the loose, but has not been
apprehended by the true locals to be questioned
as to what his gnarly trip is. Donna of rsh is
pleased to announce that she has a new Johnny
Rice board, 6'8'', and i am sure it is really
pretty, although this reporter did not actually
get to see it because we didn't go see Batman.

TV news:
This is a 90210 spoiler, faint of heart:
Guest reporter jawinet reports that Dylan will
be killed in the 6th episode of 90210 next
season, funeral in the 7th. I am sure this is
sad news for all of you, although the hair
police among you may be happy. It's unclear
as to whether Dylan is making this move to
resume his film career, i personally would
hope he would move to daytime or Melrose.

Movie news:
If you haven't seen Crumb you simply must
run out and see it now. Even if Zap Comix
used to gross you out, go see it.

Food news:
There are these no fat rice cakes with flavors
like caramel corn and apple cinnamon and i highly
recommend them. They are not gross! I have written
the manufacturersthough to ask for a more eco
friendly packaging solution though, in case you get
them and say, what's up with this packaging?

Santa Cruz news:
I was pleased to have readers khewald and savetter
of davis, california come and visit me this week-
end. They got to go to the dog beach and meet all
of Timmy's friends.

Contest news:
dadavis of iowa send this entry in:
publish the newsletter, work on that, it's a job you will
like, in fact it's something you're already doing. all
you really have to do is print all this out and send it
to agents and editors. i can help you find addresses. i am
totally serious. look at stuart copeland or is that the
police guy? the gen x guy. you're way better than any other
books that would be funny to people like us out there. do
you understand me? spend a little time and money sending
the manuscript out, and there is your job. all you neeed
is a title.

well, i believe dadavis is referring to Douglas Copeland,
whose current book Microserfs looks really super good, but
i can't report on it til its either in paperback or the

Guest reporter profile:
And to my bemused readers who get occassional messages
from dadavis, she really Does mean to cc those to you.
It is not a mistake. She is attempting to create a true
global net community, and will hopefully keep us posted
as to news in Korea or Manhattan, where her and her newish
husband will be moving. She is one of my very best friends
who just got her mfa in non fiction autobiographical essay
writing at University of Iowa. Her first marriage took
place in my mom's backyard. She had a dog once named
Lester. She loves Dairy Queen and will soon be publishing
her novel Elvis and Me, a dual autobiography of herself
and Elvis Costello as soon as a publisher buys it.

i will give the contest 1 more day, and announce
the winner then. so you still have time if you
didn't enter yet.

well i hope this wasn't too long. i guess i need
an editor.

Coming soon-New and Improved Astrology Column!

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