From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL Special Issue

LDEGNL Special Issue

Special Issue:
There have been some techinical difficulties, but
the technical staff is currently working on these
and hopes to have the new purposeless version done
Would any of my readers be interested in a web
version of the newsletter? Let me know.

This is a special version since i have my workstation
today, even though a guy on a ladder is spackling above
my head.

News news:
5 Story mall in Seoul which was built on a
garbage dump filled with old stuff from malls
collapsed into the fill killing 82 people.

Fourteen of the twenty four pages of the front
page section of this mornings chronicle were
ads for Emporium and Macy's Giant Fourth of
July Sales.

There were also 3 articles of the whining
Hugh Dorkasauras Grant, including an interview
with his mourning supermodel girlfriend, all
pondering the Great Question, why did you do
it Hugh?

A Russian space ship plugged into the NASA
spaceship in mid space, making it the first
multicultural spaceship docking ever. I guess
they make sure to use compatible parts, its not
like trying to use a mac peripheral on a pc.

Big news coming soon on the NEA.

Santa Cruz news:
Tonight is the big and Free Nancy Sinatra concert
at the Boardwalk. All readers who want to go should
call me by phone immediately because there will be
a mandatory margarita session preceding it.

This is highly exciting news, because here in
Santa Cruz, the most exciting thing i've done
recently is fixing my floppy drive. That was
big fun. Santa Cruz is Boring and there are too
many drumming hippies here.

Cast1reim1 and Jen had a trip to Santa Cruz(see dog
news for specifics) and we enjoyed a trip to the
Boardwalk, lots of food, and the dog beach. They
will have to miss Nancy Sinatra due to something
involving boys and cocktails, however.

Dog news:
I am happy to report that Jake is not suffering
from the dreaded hip dysplasia. He saw the special
dog orthopedist at the Santa Cruz Animal Hospital,
and it is just a growing disease, easily cured called
(sic) Pannacylitis.

Beauty news:
I have conducted an experiment re: expensive, nicely
packaged hair care products which i purchased on
the advice of Natalia, the body builder who cut my hair
into its current glamourous style. The Reconstructor,
at $16 for 16 oz, with a $3 off coupon, and the Damage
Pac, at $10 for 4 oz with a $2 off coupon, have done
nothing to improve my dull, lifeless locks. They do
make the shower look very upscale however, as i am
pretty sure that this is the type of shampoo used by
many supermodels and major stars.

For sale news:
Does anyone need any stuff that i might have? I need
a new job soon or need to sell a lot of stuff. I
have several pieces of furniture that have earthquakes
that could be useful in the right situation. I also
have a lot of fake xmas tree branches that are cheap
or i will even give them to the right home! I have a
lot of clothes for free to my readers but some of them
are kind of ugly.

Don't forget, the new address for anything gossip
related, laura or laurah related is:
and if any readers want to talk to me during
my upcoming stay in LA (actually i'll be in
gross Valencia most of the time) page me at:
Email access may be erratic, so we may be going
the low tech route for a while here at L??GNL.
And remember, readers can also leave messages
for me at:

So this is it, the Last for Real LDEGNL.
I hope my readers enjoyed it, even though
its boring, but i guess that was what it
was all about. If i have a less boring
life, then the new L??GNL will be less

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