Subject: LGNL LA

special issue

laura's gossip newsletter los angeles

i am finally so close to hollywood, just minutes away, but i'm afraid i
haven't left the maclab long enough to get any good reports for you. or
any good astrology forecasts. here in LA, every day is a fine sunny day,
and we don't really need astrology.

i am happy to report that a friendly graphic designer here has given me
the address of his friend who is the art director at the Face magazine in
London, so hopefully i will have a job there soon.

i am also investigating a new career as a typographer.

weather news:
the weather here is perfect.

traffic news:
as long as you stay off the freeways between 7 am and 11 am, and 2 pm til
7 pm, the traffic here is just fine.

star news:
Calarts is located just minutes away from santa clarita studios, where
Melrose is filmed. Unfortunately, all stars are on summer hiatus, but i
hope to be able to publish some fab pix of the studio exterior if i can
find it.

more star news:
many freeway drivers here look like stars. so its possible that i have
spotted some other stars but didnUt know it.

dog news:
timmy is in santa cruz. unfortunatley he is extremely lonely, and
distraught at my absence, and urinated inside the house on some records
belonging to gary. this is a very large problem, and timmy may be coming
to calarts this weekend.

there are many dogs here, roaming around the building. i especially like
the black and white tiny furry dog carried by its owner, and the two big
scarey dogs owned by the projectionist.

i apologize for my busyness as a computer artist which has made me
practically gossip illiterate. i predict that this will change very
soon, as soon as we settle in to the classes a little more and i will
make some official gossip trips to santa monica and hollywood and collect
the finest, freshest gossip that you will be amazed and bedazzled by.
until then, i have to spend every single minute making computer pictures
and talking to teenagers.

calarts news:
there are many ants here that crawl on people at all times.
we are also staying just feet away from the rupture line of the
great calarts quake of '94. there are many new construction things
happening here from quake damage.

la fashion news:
coming soon! new summer column!

la pet news:
coming soon! new summer column!

teen angst news!
coming soon! new summer column!

new email for now: this is the art class account, but you can find
me here no doubt. or

if you were too bored by this newsletter, just email me and tell me and i
promise the next one will be super exciting. or page me because it is
important to get lots of pages in LA. 408-689-3101

bye readers

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