Subject: LGNL LA

laura's gossip newsletter los angeles

special issue #2 7/19/95

Greetings from the southland readers.

World news:
You are all following the developments in the
former Yugoslavia, i am sure. One of our students,
Damir, is a former resident of Sarajevo here on
foreign exchange. He says sniper fire on his way
to school, before fleeing Sarajevo was only a minor
inconvinience, because you would always end up
being late until the first person decided it was
safe to try and run from shelter without getting
shot. The deaths and bombing were the worst. His
family is scattered now but safe, altough his phone
bill is pretty high.

LA news:
There is more OJ coverage than your hearts could
ever desire in the LA times, usually huge OJ spreads
with every scintillating OJ detail. Haven't made
it down to the courthouse yet but Timmy and i are
thinking about it.

Weather news:
Sunny. Warm. Balmy. Sunny.

Teen news:
Our students change boy/girl friends a lot here.
Tom was with Leslie but is now with a new girl.
We're glad beacause we don't like Tom. His
photoshop nickname is FilterBoy. Paul was with
Bren but i saw him this morning with Kirsten. The
other Kirsten is working on a maintanence guy.
Caught Ann with an unidentified boy under a tree
on the lawn at 10 pm last nite. (Actually Timmy
found that little tryst when attempting urination
at said tree). One of our student's dad is the
North American guy in charge of all Lamborghini

90210 news:
90210 cyber correspondant jawinet send this:
Luke Perry's new flame will be played by actress
Rebecca Gayheart, formerly of 'Earth 2'.

Dog news:
Timmy loves CalArts. He has a new friend, Buster,
who is some kind of terrier and was a dog show
dog formerly. Buster lives in a dog carrying case
in the visual arts chair's office. There are some
large mean dogs here too, and some wild cats.

Santa Clarita news:
There is a promenade walkway that goes from Vista
Village Shopping Center right through the many
cul de sacs of attractive semi spanish style tract
homes of Valencia. In the evenings, residents stroll
the walkway, with suitably comfortable walking out-
fits and footwear. Many of them have small dogs with
leashes. Teens gather by the open garages lining the
nearby homes. Clean cut skater teens sort of terrorize
the walkway by quickly but politely skateboarding down
the walkway and loudly talking about smoking pot.

Computer art news:
This weeks assignment has students making 3 versions
of an image,each version changing the meaning of the
image. Many students had a difficult time with this
assignment, since they are like, really into just
making it like, cool. So when we like, say, like, ok,
like, Why is it cool? They are like, duh, cuz like it
just is. So we are, like, working on this. We are like
realzing the danger of like, Kai's Powertools (for those
photoshop savvy readers amongst yourselves) and teenage

Thats the news for today. Have to go work on my digital
portfolio for a callback from Broderbund software for
more images!

Hope you enjoyed this special issue.

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