laura's data entry gossip newsletter
new version volume 2, #2

Post J news:
Marica Clark and buddy Chris Darden were spotted shopping at
the Macy's in SF this weekend. Marcia wore a fetching sweatshirt
and Chris wore a leather visor baseball cap. I don't know if
her kids were with her.

Marica has signed up at the William Morris Talent Agency.

Re:any other OJ news, I have to say don't even go there.

Deer news:
I saw a deer walking up the hill to work today. I also
saw a dead deer on the freeway yesterday. It was a girl.

Office news:
I kind of have a new job now. Instead of data entry, we have
a new financial system that every single person of the whole
university staff persuasion has to use. It is supposed to be paperless.
Unfortunately it doesn't work, and requires lots of paperwork.
Now I am in charge of recieving-i log in every single thing that
is ordered for 9 boards of study, and all the faculty and all
the administration one by one on the computer and match it up
with paper work and file it. This new job is better for my
carpal tunnel because i actually touch lots of real paper, but
it gives me a huge headache.

Job news:
I have another job now. I am the freelance graphic designer for
Otto Design Group. I make millions of little pictures and stuff
on the computer. This is a good job. But I can't quit the other
one until I am sure I won't be fired for being a bad designer.

Movie news:
To Die For stars Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix brother of
River and Matt Dillon and a super cute dog. There is a tense
moment involving the dog who is wearing a little pink hat and
sweater, the mafia, and ice, but overall I say go see this
for sure. I need to speak with director Gus Van Sant about some
flaws, but he was really trying hard.

Alien tabloid headline:
It is rumored that aliens visited my house one night and
removed DNA from my leg, resulting in a large, gaping wound
on my right shin. There are no other explanations, and it
is possible DNA was also removed from Timmy. Will keep my
readers updated on this matter in future issues.

Dog news:
Timmy has a new best friend, Jersey from across the alley.
Jersey is one of those outstanding dogs.

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