laura's data entry gossip newsletter
volume 2, #3 10/10/95

Post J news:
Marcia and Chris Darden, after their busy shopping
day, also went to the DNA Lounge. Isn't that the
weirdest thing? But Marcia stayed in the limo.
Marcia and Chris sure are hanging out a lot together.

Terrorism news:
The name of the group that removed the pins from
the railroad track on the Arizona bridge was the
Sons of the Gestapo.

Office news:
It is my job to make the coffee here at the office.
I am a very prompt employee, and always arrive at
8 minutes to 8am. Free coffee is definitely one of
the biggest perks of my data entry job.
I also have a new job duty which is sorting the
mail. This is the highlight of my day.

Office wildlife news:
Spotted one squirrel in woods on way to office.

Earthquake news:
I hope that all readers are taking note of the extreme
earthquakes that just happened in Indonesia and Mexico.
I will be purchasing the color USGS map of SF which has
every part of the city color coded for earthquake safety
for customized earthquake safety readings for my SF readers.

Melrose news:

Sidney called Kimberely a scarey freak and threw secret
files at her, then later showed up at the office in a
super mod striped orange dress with white belt. Amanda
does a tasteless Nicole safety deposit box rehash. Brooke
seethed after finding out about Allison and her father-
whose name is Haley.

Fashion news:
I invite my readers to make fashion suggestions for my
new job graphic designer for super shmantzy clothing
retailer. Because it's sort of a problem to go and meet
with clients who sell really nice and expensive clothes
and i still am Mervyn's impaired.

Astrology news:
Libra readers, it is time to decide that thing that
you were thinking that you needed to decide but you

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