laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, #4

Post J news:
Chris Darden is going to give up law. Marcia is working on her book.

Most important Post J news:
90210 will not be seen tonight! The OJ interview with Dan Rather
will take precedence, and is a 3 hour special, although the
actual interview will only be an hour long. I'm sure it will
be completely illuminating. Not.

Clown news:
Mr. Twister is the nice clown on the mall here in Santa Cruz,
not to be confused with the scarey ventriloquist clown. Mr.
Twister wears real clown outfits and does the balloon thing.
He got all famous this week for his habit of putting quarters
in expired meters on the Mall. He was ticketed for this, as it
is illegal, and got onto all the national tv shows.

Earthquake news:
Many many people died in those quakes. Be forewarned.

Mall news:
I forgot to tell my readers about my fine trip to the Mall
of America in Minneapolis. I really went there to see all
my relatives that i haven't seen since my last visit there
in 1973. That was enlightening in and of itself, they are
very into snowmobiling and sports that involve shooting
animals. None of them had ever ridden the rollercoaster
at Camp Snoopy, located in the heart of the Mall of America,
so I became something of a celebrity there. There is also
a log ride, and all of the basic amusement park attractions
steps away from your favorite mall stores. It's convinient
to downtown Minneapolis, and the airport with Tons of parking.
Me and my mom made sure to park by shoes at Nordstrom so as
not to lose the rental car. Pictures can be uploaded at your

Dog news:
jawinet reports that Miss Pearl is fine, and that her vacuum
attacking behavior is really a transference behavior related
to cattle herding. Timmy displays similar behavior, although
it is related to rodent herding.

Pet products news:
There are videos available for your pets to watch, that
feature cats and pigs walking around making sounds. When
they were featured on the dog tv show the other night, they
caused much barking by Timmy, so I don't know if i would
purchase then for his viewing pleasure when I'm not home.

Art news:
Dont' forget the NAAO conference at Southern Exposure
this weekend!!

That's the quick data entry news for this week.

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