From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #4

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#4 5/9/95
(note todays date is an anagram)

Our Motto: Stream 'o' Consciousness gossip when the data
you're entering just isn't enough!

Melrose update: (Although i had a graphic design business
meeting for half of it. Apologies for flaws)
Jake got shot. below the heart, left side of chest.
Jess paid a hit man/burglar to do the deed.
Kimberly still psycho, more than Micheal.
Sid burned by Jane and model/fbi agent/drug runners.
Brooke devised devious plot with daddy to send
Allison out of the country, thus getting her job
and Billy.
Wife of doctor/lover of Matt Fielding confronts
Matt for the seduction of the lame doc.
Jo had the cutest denim vest on.
Amanda is dorking out over Michael stalker.
She is usually the smartest character but not
acting very smart to figure out not to talk to
Kimberly psycho.

Commute News:
A boy got on the bus this morning that
looked JUST like Keanu but was shorter
and maybe only 20 years old and different

Job Hazard News:
My carpal tunnel is back!

Pearl Jam's concert in Golden
Gate Park sold out in 23 minutes,
and their valiant attempt at cheap
tickets seemed for naught, charges
were still attached and prices were

It may rain.

At your bookstores now- A new non fiction
sex book by one of Princess Di's lovers.

Barbie news:
Did you know that one of the major players of
Mattel and creators of Barbie was sentenced to
2400 hours of community sevice for major em-
bezzlement and created a program to help white
collar criminals stay out of jail through com-
munity service? She later became a prosthetics
designer specializing in breast prosthesis.

Dog news:
Thanks to all my readers for dog training
tips. I am happy to report that i tried
some tuff luv with timmy at 3 am and told
him NO NO when he started barking and then
put him in the bed with me. And that seemed
to work. Updates on this training technique
in tomorow's mini issue.
There was a tiny orange colored long haired
dog in the street this morning, possibly a
llahpso ahpso (sic) walking in small circles
in the middle of the busy intersection outside
of my house. It did this for approximately 10
minutes, until its owner, a large women in a
black mumu with colorful embroidery around the collar
and black furry slippers came out and carried it
home. The intersection was quiet at the time, as it
was before the morning rush hour.

Office News:
My office's student file clerk is going to
be on a radio show today on KSCO, the local
far more radically right than Rush radio station
that supports the Santa Cruz County Militia.
He is active in the Boy Scouts and Campus

That's the gossip data entry news for now.
tomorow is the half day mini issue!

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