laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, Number 5

Post J news:
It has slowed down a little. I don't think
OJ will be attending the Million Man today,
but you never know.

Million Man news:
I'm sure that's what Mr. Farakhan will be
talking about tonight on Larry King Live.
(Contributed by recent cable subscriber

Office news:
The heat was on all weekend in my office.
This may be a contributing cause to the
UC deficit.
I have a new task at my job. I am in charge
of making the Social Science Division
Bulletin Board. This is due to my art
background. Needless to say, I am thrilled.

Fashion news:
Thanks to all the readers who submitted
fashion tips. They were all very useful
and as soon as I have lots of money I will
purchase some of your suggestions. Keep those
cards and letters coming.
In other fashion news, it seems that kneesocks
have made a comeback with the high school crowd,
I have spotted them with all types of outfits
on girls in shorts, girls in little suits, girls
in skirts, gang boys in sags, jocks in shorts.
They were all white too.

Melrose news:
Just your weekly reminder. And Melrose gossip tip
for the day is Heather Locklear only eats junk food.
And Jake doesn't do interviews.

It is a slow news day. Stay tuned for exciting Melrose
play by play highlights tomorow.

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