laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, #6

Office news:
I was so horribly swamped yesterday, so don't worry,
it wasn't your mailer acting up, it was no company
time for me to make the newsletter! And for out of town
readers, it wasn't an earthquake either, yesterday of
course being earthquake anniversary day. Where were you
at 5:04 pm?

In related office news, today my exciting job is to
set up the bulletin board for every social science
division and board. This is a lot more complicated
than one might think, and i have been offered an
ancient version of macpaint to complete this job.

News news:
The RER train in Paris blew up right by the Musee
d'Orsay. At least 29 people had bad injuries like
having their feet and legs blown off.

Hil told the public to take a chill pill about her.

Santa Cruz news:
Nice clown Mr. Twister got off the meter hook.
They are selling little Mr. Twister feed my
meter bumper stickers downtown now.

Melrose news:
Amanda had on brown satin pants and each of her
thighs was miniscule. She was wearing these to
say her best line, have all the demons in hell
come to torment me when Kimberly and Dr. PB showed
up at her post blowup pool party. Jack/Jagger is
so sleazy.Dr. Peter Burns/Frisco/Jack has a good
haircut. The Sid and Micheal show is all camped up
again,this is a good thing.

Software news:
I am becoming a world authority on faxing software,
so if you have any questions about this I can help

Dog news:
Timmy has a new hobby which is waking me up at 2 am
to go outside and hoard walnuts which fall off of our
rotten walnut tree, and then eat them. It takes him a
long time to get through the shells. I think that this
has to do with his love for gophers and squirrels.

Hair news:
Many of my readers have been commenting about layers. Layers
is the word in tv hair. Vote for your favorite layers in my
layers contest! Main contenders are Jane Mancini, the two skinny
girls of friends, and if you truly find Charlie's Angels or any
Retro Spelling layers on Nick at Nite you can vote for them.
Enter soon, and I will tabulate the votes, and notify the winner
via their televsion network. The prize has yet to be determined,
and you can enter as many times as you like.

That's the news til next week!

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