laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, No. 7

Office news:
Readers may have wondered about yesterday's missing issue.
It was missing because it didn't exist, as I was busy being
a financial assistant instead of data entry operator.

Melrose news:
Jack/Jagger in hospital in coma, but thanks to Dr. Peter
Amanda is safe for now. She will have to have sex with him
though. She is sporting good layers.
Kimberly will probably blow something up again soon.
Syd is rebelling against layers and doing a 60's mod,
Audrey Hepburn hair thing.
Jake/Jo/Shelley thing is way too tiresome.
Allison will soon become Billy's child's step grandma,
but i predict a miscarriage.

Babylon 5 news:
Special report from guest reporter greggtj:
Talya Winters...super telekinetic assassin or will the Psicores
implanted personallity be wiped clean by the "gift" of Ironheart.
Can there be salvation for Londo Molari's soul now that the Narns
are utterly crushed? How can he redeem himself after his pact with the
What will Sheridon do now that he has the power of an ancient
civilization waiting in the planet below for his call. As you remember,
in his dream, Kosh called him 'The Hand' will he go on to lead the army
of light against the scurge of the Shadows?

(Note slightly different layout format-here at ldegnl we take
ascii graphic design risks)

Dog news:
Miss Pearl will be turning 5 this Sunday with a special dog
party at Point Isabel dog park.
Timmy will be dressing up as a fish for the rsh Come as a
Creature of the Deep Halloween Fiesta.

Important world news:
ldegnl suggests NPR and the newspaper or tv news. It has
become a burden on the ldegnl soul to re-report this.

Art news:
Good art at the Millenium Show at the Lab and at the
Victoria Room. And don't forget the Juried Southern
Exposure show, bring your work to Soex Nov. 10-11 for
jurying by Gary Garrels of the SFMOMA.

Layers contest:
There is only one entry so far, which suggested Ellen of
the Ellen show. ldegnl doesn't know when this show is on
and will have to consult with tv guide to confirm layers.
Get those entries in!

Favorite 2-D Design assignment contest:
I have a interview to teach 2-D design. Readers
submitting their favorite 2-D design assignment
win a prize as yet to be determined. But it will
be a good prize!

That's the data entry gossip news for today.

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