laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, No. 8
This is a 2-Week Newsletter!

office news:
There is so much work and such a bad new financial system
in my office that I have to actually work really hard every
second and apologize for the lack of newsletters. Some times
I don't go near my workstation because I have so much xeroxing
to do due to our shift to the paperless office. Sometimes i
stand by the fax machine and fax important papers for 2 or
3 hours.
A lady in my office was gone for 3 weeks due to a death
in the family and a vacation in Mexico, and brought me a
very nice silver necklace.
Today all of us office ladies are going to a birthday
luncheon at Zoccoli's Pasta House.

Melrose news:
Kimberly smashed her hand in the waffle iron while drinking
scotch to get her wrist jail bracelet off so that she could
go and meet Dr. Joyce Brothers about a guest spot as a radio
Sid's scarlet dress sported a Peter Pan collar.
Bad Jake/Jo/Shelley/Richard Marx thing dragging on.
Billy achieced high dorkdom like he hasn't since Allison
days with the baby scene. Also most uses of the word diaphram
ever in tv history.
Special tonite! 90210 after Melrose! Don't forget!

Dog news:
Miss Pearl had a lovely party although Timmy had to miss it.
Many dogs wore costumes and consumed dog treats.
Timmy is on 2 am walnut patrol, he barks as if there are burglars
to wake me up, then acts like he has to go to the bathroom
so i let him outside, then he gathers walnuts and tries to
chew them on the lawn until i get mad and make him come in.
Timmy also enjoyed a lovely trip to the beach Saturday evening.

Graphic Design news:
This is my other job. I work on designs and try and figure out
cheap ways of getting color files printed. It takes up all of
my time. Then when i get everything the way the people said they
wanted it, they change their minds and we start over. It is a
much funner job than data entry.

Weather news:
According to various people who think they know everything,
this will be a much wetter year than last year. It is also
getting very very cold here in Santa Cruz which we don't like.

OJ snooze:
Marcia and Chris? Are they or aren't they? There is a
case for either side.

Art news:
Most oustanding painter of the universe, Jerome
Caja, passed away last week. This is a very sad
event. Jerome did small, twisted paintings on stuff,
and only used makeup and nail polish. He had many
art shows in San Francisco. Maybe in other places

Readers don't forget you can enter the juried show
at Southern Exposure for free. I have never personally
gotten in to it, but I will be trying again this year
with my waterproof cK painting/collage.

Bablyon 5 Guest Report:
Hey laura, here is this weeks report:
Kosh tips his hand by coming out of his encounter suit. He is
"recognised by everyone" because the Vorlons have planted an image in the
mythos of every younger race around the place. Each race sees a
different being in its own form. Cool idea to unit all races against the
coming of the shadows, but Frank Herberts Bene Geserit came up with it first.
Due credit must be given to B-5 writers for their loyalty to the
laws of physics. The ships actually fly like they are weightless and
not in an atmosphere. In a dramatic scene where the outraged Centari try
to assassinate Captain Sheridon, the Captain finds himself floating,
weightless in the open air of the center of the station towards a ground
that is rotating at 60 mph. (The centripidal force provides gravity) I
salute the writers of B-5 for this spectacular and believable account of
something that might actually happen on a space staion. For further
insights read Arthur C. Clark's "Rama" series. Top notch Sci Fi!
Will Sheridon continue to defy the Night Watch? Is the Ministry
of Peace not a close parallel to the Nazi party in 1939? And now that
Wing Commander Keefer has spotted and recorded a Shadow Vessel, what will
the Shadows do? Is Keefer dead? Sure looks like it. And I was just
starting to get used to him. Oh well, like any soap opera, they gotta
come and they gotta go! till next time, G out.

Courtesy of guest reporter greggtj, student of engineering
after a career of restaurant managing, and monster building.

Layers news:
The winner is Jane Mancini.

Graphic design news:
This is out of the realm of data entry, but i
thought my readers might like to know that they
can call paper suppliers and get tons of free
stuff just by asking and saying you are a graphic
designer. Then every day you will get a package
ups'ed to you with very nice paper samples and little

Holiday update:
49 shopping days til xmas. Do you need xmas
gift consulting? ldegnl may have personalized
holiday gift tips to fit your needs. Just ask.
This would be a free service of course.

Til next time i sit and enter some data...

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