Office news:
Due to too much work and too many jobs, I haven't
been doing much data entry, hence lack of newsletter.
I will also miss the office luncheon on Wed. due
to the fact that I have to be a graphic designer
that day.

Melrose update:
Kimberly is out to rule the world. Worst haircut in
the world mafia character should try to kill Amanda
tonight. Scarey financial dealings for Allison in
her new home the mansion where she can't have kids
and has to be Brooke's baby's grandma. This leaves
a vacancy in Melrose Place though, possibly to be
filled by someone from 90210, General Hospital, or
Falcon Crest.

90210 update:
All I can report is that that wardrobe, hair and makeup
have been bought off by Jason Priestly in an attempt to
hide his failure of Jenny Craig program and have surpassed
all tv outfits, hair and makeup jobs of all time.

Dog news:
Timmy no longer is allowed to forage for walnuts in the
wee hours. His new hobby is doing tricks for people in
service bureaus and print shops in San Francisco and
getting rotting sandwiches at the junior high soccer field.
He recently had a traumatic beach attack flashback and
was unable to play with his old friends at the beach.

Art news:
Lots of art in the Obsession Show at Southern Exposure.
Famous artists Castandeda/Reiman, KC Rosenberg and Permi
Gill are featured in the main gallery. My painting/collage
is featured in the adjunct Office Gallery above the desk.
Many dogs attended the opening.
The Palace of Legion of Honor is open for all readers
interested in that kind of thing. All the paintings are
back in place but some of the stuff isn't set up yet,
including some of my favorite things, the rooms that look
like french palaces. It's a good place to go to see old
paintings and then take your dog to the beach though.

Celebrity news:
Where is Courtney?
Eve Plumb is an artist, she does oil and
watercolors ala impressionists.
Micheal Jackson may build a composite Presley/
Jackson Graceland in Indiana.
Oxana Baul the figure skater turned 18 and she is
a babe. (FYI it is now figure skating season)

Fat news:
If you fidget a lot, you can burn 200-600 more
calories a day than if you don't fidget.

Movie news:
Persuasion is a good movie. Lots of costumes and
castles and fancy British furniture. You might
not think a Masterpiece theater type movie would
be suspensful, but it is. I don't know if this
is coincidental or not, but I saw it by myself and
I noticed a really high amount of solo women in
the theater. Lots of weird looking actors.

That is the news for today. In case I have to call
in sick this week due to my nightmarish life as
a graphic designer/mural painter/screenprinter
have a good Thanksgiving.

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