laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, No. 9

Melrose news:
Slow night, which was directed by Micheal in real
life Thomas Calabro. Kimberly sex enslaved by bit-
ter psychopath. Shelly with big butcher knife.
Allison looks to be back in court next week for
the murder of Hayley who is most likely broke.
Amanda doing therapy with Doc Peter Frisco after
scratching her new Porsche. One good Sid outfit.

Office news:
I recieved a lovely holiday potpourri pillow

Art news:
Installation I saw by my bus stop:
Mounds of mud were placed every 4 feet along the
gutter down the block. In a nearby parking lot
milk crates were stacked and arranged by color-
green, grey, and blue. These events seemed too
conincidental to not be art.
Conrad Atkinson got poo-pooed by Kenneth Baker
in the Chronicle.
The homeless guy art project that was being hyped
in SF was disclaimed in today's Chronicle by
the SFMOMA. It sounded a little too weird to be
something sanctioned in that museum. (A British
artist-called by the SFMOMA spokesman "person
claiming to be the artist" has been exhibiting a
homeless person in London and LA. He is for sale if
a nice person wanted to buy him.)

Royalty news:
Princess Di's interview will be on Fri. nite.
She will tell us all about her bulimia, and self
mutilation. Although she won't go into details about
that, but we can guess that it involves razor blades
to the arms and legs if she fits the pattern of
self mutilation and eating disorders in
pre and adolescent girls in middle and upper class
family's in the US.

TV news:
My recommendation for tonight, Tues, is NYPD Blues.
And we are so lucky as to have a Special Holiday
90210 on Wed., and I bet it is directed by Jason
Priestly himself, who seems to favor directing
holiday and spring break episodes.

Earthquake news:
They are beginning to retrofit the Bay Bridge!

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