laura's data entry gossip newsletter

Holiday Edition! 12/20/95

Holiday news:
I know readers thought that I was dead or unemployed. Both are
myths. Here I am. Merry Xfiles and a Sappy New Year.

Office holiday news:
We certainly are the holiday spirit capital here at the Social
Science Service Center. Every day has been like a big party!
We are treated to music such as Christmas Instrumental Hits by
Manheim Steamroller and A Branford Marsallis Christmas. 8 hours
a day. I recieved many fine gifts such as holiday socks and a
Santa pin and candles and candy canes. There is even a thrilling
Christmas potluck.

Non-office holiday news:
Only 4 more shopping days left! I have done absolutey no shopping
and hope to take care of it all with a quick trip to the mall on
Christmas eve. If readers need gift suggestions just send email
at and I will come up with answers asap.

Holiday tv news:
I know all my readers caught the holiday Melrose episode, if not,
your loss. In typical Spelling cliffhanger fashion, we have to
wait until nextime to see if Jane and her short hair will pull through.
I have made my hair Sidney's color in honor of her most excellent
mansion decorating skills at Bobby Pareezi's swanky rental pad.

Dog news:
Timmy will be enjoying the holidays with myself and Gary for 2 days
in LA where he is not allowed to sit on the furniture unless there
is a towel on it first and where the cat is large and scarey and
wants to kill him. We are all greatly looking forward to this trip.

More office news:
Due to the overflow of See's candy that I was forced to eat all day
in the office, sent by the same kindly faculty members that scream
at all the secretaries via email the rest of the year, I have to end
this newsletter soon because I feel really sick and I just grew 2
pants sizes. So I hope all my readers have a most excellent Christmas
although I know the reality is many readers will have a depressing
and evil holiday and feel inadequete to handle holiday cheer and visa
bills. But try anyways, and here's a tip: LDEGNL may be fully put to
rest very soon if plans go the way i want them to, but there may be a new
incarnation as laura's self employed quickly written on my own damn
work time newsletter.

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