laura's data entry gossip newsletter
Volume 2, Approx. #12

Post Holiday Highlights Edition

Office news:
Near tragedy this morning in the office when it was
discovered that the industrial strength coffee machine
was left unplugged for the week of University Closure,
thus taking approx. 45 minutes for coffee to brew.

Holiday highlights:
Timmy, Gary and I had an enjoyable trip to Los
Angeles. There were several mishaps, including:
Multiple hangovers
Timmy's attack by the Big Cat
Freezing cold weather
Mud tracked on the New Carpet
But otherwise we got a lot of good presents, even
though I had to exchange all my size smalls for larges
at the After Christmas Sales.

New Years report:
Santa Cruz had the First Night Community New Years
Celebration. This was subtitled the Aging White
Hippies Non Alcoholic Drumming Goddess Fest. There
were no dogs allowed and most of Santa Cruz attended
it, it took over the whole downtown. Luckily all the
bars were open. We were treated to musical acts such
as the Nurturing Harp Player and Various Ethnic Folk

Surf report:
There have been many swells the past week.

Melrose update:
Sid is trying to cover up the red dose she gave
Jane, paralyzing her. Jane has moved in with Micheal
Professional Blonde Caregiver and Sidney. Hopefully
she will be convincing Sidney to lose the hair bows.
Dr. Kimberly's hair is steadily improving. She showed
up at the hospital chapel and took Sidney's confession
in a black spiderwoman negligee dress. Dr. Peter
Frisco will be the next one to crack up. Billy dumped
Brooke who faked her pregnancy and miscarriage, and
she is going to commit suicide next week. Allison
appeared on a Fox show and did bad acting at 9:30,
and Micheal appeared on another Fox show at 9 and
probably did bad acting but I didn't watch it.

Stay tuned.

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