August 14, 1996

laura's data entry gossip newsletter

Special Edition Volume 3, #2

Hi readers, and some new readers who I just put on here. LDEGNL is back for now because I am a special contributing reporter for Margaret Crane and Jon Winet's big project Conventional Wisdom and since I am unemployed right now, and the only data entry I am doing is working on a data entry beauty chair.

So these articles will probably be showing up in there, but since I know all my busy readers don't have time to keep up with the conventions and they are pretty tripped out events and since I am basically unemployed at the moment I have time to put these out for your reading pleasure.

Remember I always like to get reader contributions so send me email. And I will try to run a contest soon!

August 13 and 14, 1996

Well I am writing this even though I have only been able to view the Above the Fold Section of CW from the document source, since the beta for Mac of 3.0 seems to hang on loading some of the java or something, but from the source code it looks pretty darn exciting.

I am becoming a regular tuner inner of the convention, last night I watched alot of it until i got really bored and went to see Trainspotting which is a really good movie and you should go see it, I would recommend it to just about anyone except maybe little kids. My boyfriend's daughter Laia is 10 and I don't think I would have brought her. They went to see Independance Day at the same time as Trainspotting, which incidentally burned up and melted with 5 minutes to go at the end and they were really mad. The president had just shaken Will Smith's hand for saving them from the aliens and if anyone knows what happens at the very exact end could you please email me because I couldn't remember enough to fill them in. I bet the Dole contingent wishes BobDole looked like that president and could fly a space ship. I thought maybe they would show clips of it on the video wall every so often.

BTW Laia is the only 10 year old i know who has written a 108 page crime/mystery/thriller about espionage in the White House and i invited her to help me with my special convention articles and she watched some of the convention and got really bored so she has decided to put her future career as an investigative reporter off and keep concentrating on the fiction writing for now.

So anyways before i left for the movie I got to see the trotting out of the old musty well preserved republicans and i wonder if Disney would ever put them in the hall of presidents or maybe they are already there at Disney World, where I have never been, being a Californian and sticking with Disney Land. Nancy's frosted hair nest with her little bangs bouncing around as the tears sort of rolled down her extremely tight face skin sure topped it. Only her bangs ever moved. I wonder what she thought about the final shot of her in the Happy Regan Movie of her and Ronnie cavorting up a little hill, presumably on a ranch, and she had on these pretty unflattering jeans. I mean, I guess she's in good shape for someone who is like 90 years old or whatever she is but still not a good ending shot.

BTW the little suits all the republican ladies are wearing also look really bad from the side camera high angles that they use sometimes and I wonder if all the ladies know that because they look like little fat puppets with stick legs from that angle. Robin Dole in rehersal looked especially bad and I don't know why she was wearing white since Nancy wore white last night and it seems like a etiquette sin or something.

The nice thing about the Regan homage being followed by Colin Powell's speech was the random camera cuts C-SPAN uses. Of course I expected to see all the tears and stuff during the Regan movie which I hope you all saw because they sure did a Good Job with that but during the General's speech, or ex-General I guess, people were sure looking really bored and there were 2 shots of people checking their watches, and I know he was at the end but for all the screaming and shouting and him supporting abortion rights and affirmative action I just didn't think all those clean people would look so bored. He did inspire some suit fashion statements though, because the next day alot of various interviewed congressmen etc. had on the dark dark suit red tie look that he wore.

I watched this afternoon some since i am currently unemployed, C-SPAN being conviniently next to Oprah on my channel changer, and now I don't know if this is a coincidence or what, but Oprah was about 3 girls who go to a fat girls camp to lose weight in La Jolla and they were having this super fun and expensive overweight kid fitness party the whole time and then did on air counseling with their moms and cried alot and Oprah didn't act very concerned and it was sort of like the convention I guess because it seemed very well acted and coached and you could practically see the stylists coming out on the breaks and fixing their tear stained makeup and production assistants running around making sure the pacing is going right and stuff.

The other thing about watching during Oprah hour was I saw the clue to who makes the cheesy painted signs with slogans like Dole Rocks and Dole Rules. They're all painted by the same person in blue and red poster paint and you are only allowed to wave one of these by the official sign painting artist or the regulation Dole/Kemmp 96 signs or of course, during the Newtsters rousing (snore) talk an I Heart Newt poster. Well i didn't actually see anyone making them but I did see the Young Republican squad, the boys with round glasses, red white and blue patterned ties and blue suits, short hair who Love Planet Hollywood, passing them out around the seats down on the delegate floor. So there is probably another one of them in the back somewhere, maybe near the hair and makeup people's booths, sitting there painting them very neatly.

I bet Susan Molinari hangs out with those guys and uses them to baby sit. Her husband Bill Paxton looks like one of them. I bet before she had her cute little infant that wants to grow up to have a hero like BobDole (like does that make Any sense?) Susan and Bill used to go to place like Planet Hollywood all the time and when they had extra special good clean fun her nose would Really crinkle up like a permanent bewitched and she would look like ET. Did you notice she had a little lace top under her tan suit that just screamed republican WOMAN which was the whole point of her being there. Hard sell stuff.

So I hope this isn't too long. I will try to do a better job of watching today. I want to keep track of lighting backgrounds and see if there is a pattern of who gets lavender lighting behind them and who gets the blue. No one ever gets pink though, that's just used for the long shots from the skybox cam. Maybe it's some kind of message.

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