From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #5

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#5 5/10/95

top news:
56 dead in zaire of deadly virus which causes bleeding
through the pores and all orifices. And its highly
contagious. And are you seeing the ads for tv movie
Virus by robin Cook which look very much like ads
for Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and a helicopter?

According to the SF Chronicle and POLLS (!) the
majority of those polled in the bay area are anti
affirmative action. At the bottom of the newspaper
page that this article was continued on were many
ads of mothers day gifts, especially jewelry, that
were mainly little pins of angels. Little gold dangly
Nicole type angels.

Office News:
If any of you are ever working somewhere doing any
thing that has to do with accounting and you don't
know anything about accounting, here's a tip for you
to remember: Little brackets around a number have a
different meaning than they do in literary terms, it's
not a sarcastic aside or additional information or a
word from a narrator or anything, it means reverse
the transaction from debit to credit. Which can mean
making your supervisor very angry and causing complete
uproar in your whole office if you do it wrong!

New Band News:
Well, this is actually a currently split up band but
Karl their leader lent me their cd and they're really
good! Review upcoming in a future issue of LDEGNL, but
til then they need a name. If you have any good band
names for a guitary semi-punk band with unusual singing,
email me with suggestions. Please, nothing to do with
clowns, those have been tried already.

Dog news:
Timmy barked and scratched the door til i let him
out at 4 am. I guess if you really got to go, you
gotta go. He also found a 5 day old 1/2 meatball
sandwhich on the floor of jacob's room and had that
for lunch and didn't even throw up!

News News:
A comparision of 11 pm newses:
Scientific study by quick channel flipping
Channel 27, SF-gun battle on Golden Gate Bridge
Channel 6, Salinas-How to read nutrition labels
Channel 27, SF- abused child in Stockton
Channel 6, Salinas-How to read nutrition labels
Channel 27, SF-Deaths on that hwy to Vallejo
Channel 6, Salinas-How to read nutrition labels
Channel 27, SF-weather
Channel 6, Salinas-weather

each has male and female anchor
Channel 27, SF-reporter named Juju
Channel 6, Salinas-reporter is silly little man with moustache.

that's the news for today. Next issue: Monday 5/15

words to get you thru the weekend:
platform jellies
jordan catallano

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