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Democratic National Convention Special Issue
Extra Special from New York City
Volume 3, # 7


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So luckily I was able to tear myself away
from my swanky dinner in Tribeca with new
LDEGNL reader Chris at a cool place down the
street from his loft where you can bring
dogs to to catch the end of the convention
so this report will be sort of skewed because
of that but NY is just too fun to spend that
much time watching tv, convention or no

I tuned in just in time to see the poster
boy BobDole would have probably given another
hand for, Christopher Reeve (see LDEGNL volume
1, various issues) giving a Touching and Moving
speech which included a lot of other star
name dropping, followed by a musical number
from the cast of Rent.

All these stars made sure to follow the
fashion theme of this convention, which is
really really different from the last one.
The new theme is
natural fibers and prints. Except for one
girl Rent singer who wore sparkly silver pants
which i may go try to buy a pair this week,
and which i think may be the fashion look for
tomorow on delegates, replacing the sequin
vest look.

Hil had on a power suit but i think it was the
only one i saw anywhere. I think they must
have given out flyers to everyone when they
checked in at the hotels saying "please don't
dress like Republicans." Even the Convention
Aids who were clean cut but with more
earrings and necklaces and No Mousse on
their hair wore these bill clinton style
polo t shirts with the attempting to be hip
DNC acronym logo screened, not embroidered
on the front.

Noticably lacking were the coordinated
Page designed signs. Didn't miss them. I guess
they had other stuff for the Convention Aid
kids to do. One of them told a reporter
they kicked out a Gore Girl for not having
the correct credentials. They were sort
of proud of that.

I got a glimpse of Chelsea who I think we
are going to be seeing a lot more of, when
bill made a live speech from Toledo, something
about being on the 21st Century Express, Right
on Track and Coming right at You. Nice
speech writing bill. But i guess compared to
the trotting out of decaying old Republicans
it wasn't so bad, considering BobDole doesn't
understand that we are going into a 21st century.

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