From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #6

laura's data entry gossip newsletter #6

I went to LA this weekend and it was beautiful,
sunny, seedy, faux glamoury. As soon as i get
a job that i make enough to have a new car and
a car phone and pay rent in santa monica i'm
moving there. And i want palm trees in my yard.

Big News Flash:
Johnny Depp's brother owns a store in santa cruz
near where I live. The way i figure, Johnny must
come visit occasionally, and what if he brings
Kate? Will keep you posted on this exciting

Courtney News:
Did you see beautiful angel Courtney on
Vanity Fair? She truly looks like a beau-
tiful angel. She let the reporter who wrote
the story watch her take a bath. Besides that
if you alreay read all the Courtney articles
which i'm sure all of my readers do, there;s
not much new news. courtney is a little over-
exposed lately. Which reminds me, it was reported
in Vogue magazine that she has her hair done by
having the roots tied off and the rest bleach, thus
preserving her dark roots always, even after
fresh bleach. I have the address of this hair
salon, its in hollywood, so whoever comes and
visits me at summer school in LA this summer,
we can go there if we want.

Carbohydrates make you fat. Now its not just
eating fat, but carbs-like bagels, bread and
pasta. Super.

Dog News:
I didn't see Timmy for 2 whole days when i
went to LA. This was tragic and he was so
happy when i got home he had an asthma attack.

New Band Alert:
name Karl's band!! win a prize!
You could also probably get a tape if you ask karl.
They sound sort of LA 80's punk/Celtic Frost/Nirvana/
Smashing Pumpkins/Neil young crazy horse guitar jam/
Sonic Youth/acoustic guitar part. Very impressive.
Actually the band doesn't even exist at the moment
because the other band members moved.

Sorry that's all the gossip news for today,
i'm having a horrible busy day at my fine
data entry job and this is all i could get
out today. More tomorow!

Don't forget Melrose!!!!

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