From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #7

laura's data entry gossip newsletter #7 5/16/95

News of the day:
1000's of kangaroos are going blind in
Australia. It is even beginning to affect
the wallabees.

Melrose update:
Jake knows Jess is evil.
jake asked for amanda to be with him in hospital.
Matt's doctor boyfriend is the biggest loser/jerk
and is setting him up for some big downfall.
Kimberly got michael good, but i think she still
has something up her sleeve for amanda.
Sid got kind of shafted by everyone that episode.
sneaky Brooke switched allison's letters so that
Billy would think she was cold cold cold and now
conived Billy to ask her to marry him.
Allison has a job as a vp of marketing whatever that
is, and this cool office in hong kong and she is still
pining over billy the ultra dorkasaurus of the century.

(editorial comment-laia is 9 and my current melrose
watching partner, and she almost vomits with dist-
gustingness when billy comes on. She also now
believes all adult relationships are based on sex
and deciet, and was surprised men could have sex with
eachother and be boyfriends. she also hates Brooke,
Kimberly, Sidney who i love, Amanda, and loves
Allison and thinks Jo is stupid. I am sort of
worried she may grow up with warped values and it will
be my fault.)

Party news:
Thurs May 25 is Pop T.Art, a big party with
the Braun Fellinis and Super Diamond that
benefits Southern Exposure at 1015 folosm and
everyone should go!!! It costs 25 bigones but
if you help out you can go for free. You could
also bid on my painting that comes with stickers
in the art auction and there will be FOOD! and
alcohol although i'm not sure if you have to
pay extra for alcohol. It will be fun and i
will be there and there will be art and displays
and a fashion show and a tori spelling drag
contest and you can visit timmy in my car!
Call southern exposure!415-863-2141 or
fax 863-1841

Bobcat news:
They eat voles. If you know what a vole
is you can win a prize! Email me with the
They live all over the us except near the
great lakes,
Females have less fat than the males.

Rain news:
It may stop by the end of the month. Did i
mention how beautiful and sunny it was in

Dog news:
Timmy is getting very good at heeling and
even likes to heel. he has also mysteriously
ceased his midnight bark fests and wanting
to go out. He had the funnest day ever
at the beach yesterday with his friends
Hoover, Loco, Brandy, and some other dogs
I don't know their names but they ran and
ran and ran.

There will be No newsletter tomorow.
I apologize profusely, but i will
be at a special training seminar to
make me an even better data enterer.
As a professional data enterer, you
know i take my job very seriously and
am course very excited about this
special seminar entitled FIS system
training. All day.

Till monday 5/22! email me at til then!

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