From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #8

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#8 5/22/95 (Victoria Day in Canada)

I had a bunch of good news for you written down i collected
last week but i lost it. Sorry.

Office news: The training session i attended last Wed provided all of
us trainees with free coffee, muffins, danish and jelly
donuts. I don't remember what it was about exactly, some
computer thing. But the muffins were plentiful and

News news:
Famous LA star Connie Chung, made famous by fabulous
LA artist Jefferey Vallance, is getting the boot from
stuffy old Dan Rather. Something about her most excel-
lent Tonya coverage, and that comment from Newtie's mom
about our fine first lady Hil.

Art news:
First of all did everyone see that Pop was right
there in the front of Sunday's Pink Section, with a
nice Tori Spelling as a man illustration? And it said
that whoever thought it up was a genius, so that would
be someone at Southern Exposure. Don't forget, Thurday
nite. My painting will be priced at $100, which is very
high for me, but Sue said that was the cheapest price
of the other stuff, and it is 16x20" and comes with a
bag of Timmy stickers which are handpainted. (All
regular readers of LDEGNL will recieve their own Timmy
stickers if you can answer this question:Who is your
favorite dog in the whole world that can also be found
on the WWW and who could be a rock star if he wanted to
that is not your own dog if you have one?)

Movie news:
My Family/Mi Familia, stars Jimmy Smits, from LA Law and
NYPD Blues. He frequently wears a tank top, khakis and
tatoos and also has Edward James Olmos. This is a good
movie and i highly recommend it even though it is sad in
some parts but it is also very funny. I won't say anymore
about it cuz everyone should go see it.
Die Hard part 3 something vengence, Stars Bruce Willis and
Samuel L. Jackson who is by far the best star in the movie
as well as Jeremy Irons who skanks around in a tank top
and these over the belly button tight pants. Bruce
Willis also wears a tank top. This weekend was all about
tank tops. Die Hard was very exciting, big gun fetish movie,
many gun and bullet closeups. Not too many women in this
movie, the 1 woman cop, principal, and nazi mercenary who gets
her clothes ripped off by Jeremy Irons. Good car chase scene
thru Central Park, as well as good makeup job as Bruce and
Samuel L. get more and more covered with blood and dirt
as film progresses.

Do you ever wish that Princess Di was your mom?

No one is buying the Richard M. Nixon stamps. I read this
in the paper as well as heard by word of mouth at the
post office when i asked the postlady "Does anyone buy
these?" She said "No."

Did you know if you are breast feeding a baby you can't
eat onions or have coffee? I learned this fact at lunch
today. I learn a lot about babies at my lunch here at
my data entry job because everyone here has had at least

My So Called Life is Cancelled forever. This is very sad
news. We'll never know what will happen to Jordan, Angela,
Rayanne, Ricky, Brian, et all. Unless mtv picks it up and
produces it which i think is a good idea. Which is what i
would do. That's the News for today.

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