From: (Laura Hartwick)
Subject: LDEGNL #9

laura's data entry gossip newsletter
#9 last issue til next tues due to holiday!

News news:
They shooting at the Clintons again.

Other news:
Wilson going down in the Polls.

Other news:
Padded push up bra swimsuits are 25% off at Macy's.
They have names like bust buster and the sale price
averages about 49.00-53.00.

Tonya news:
Tonya has an agent but has turned down such exciting
roles as a part in a Woody Allen movie, a makeover on
the Leeza show, and a part in Married with Children.
She also has a new boyfriend.

Double Feature movie review:
Basketball Diaries and Kiss of Death.
Basketball Diaries:
Bad screenplay, good acting. Way rad Jim Carroll
soundtrack, why they didin't just have him write
the screeplay i have no clue. Ends up as a weepy
teen anti drug movie. Leonard Dicaprio and Mawrky
Mawrk are the coolest, its sad that it wasn't a better
Kiss of Death:
This was the first in the double feature and its
good good good so i highly reccommend it. Kind of
a class B, quiet pulp fiction. Nicholas Cage in
the kind of part he should be playing instead of stuff
like that stupid cop wins lottery movie. Just wait til
you see him jumping up and down grunting in Baby
Cakes super bright strip club. David Caruso with
his sad little fucked at birth face. I can't tell
you about the plot or it would spoil it. Little
child also looks like Frances Bean.

Amazing coincidence:
In yesterday's issue i reported a smashed snake in
the street. Today, not 1 block from where i spotted
the dead snake i saw a smashed black lizard that
looked amazingly like the snake. Unfortuneatley,
upon closer inspection it turned out to be a dead
smashed carpet fragment. I reinspected the snake though,
when i got there, and it was still definitely a snake.

Art news:
So Pop, don't forget, Thursday (tomorow)
night!!! 1015 Folsom!! Be there if you can.

Weather news:
It's drizzly and non-sunny in Santa Cruz.

Contest losers:
If you haven't submitted an answer to the contest
you are now a contest loser. I also recieved one
pitifully wrong answer to the contest. It could have
been a good answer to this question:
Who is the biggest therapy dog you know who can do the
best down stay and who will be starring opposite timmy
in an upcoming film?

Til next week!

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